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Your Voice of Vibrancy

The VoiceThe sub-title of the book, Women as Healers is “Voices of Vibrancy.”  As I’ve been watching one of my favorite TV shows “The Voice,” I enjoy all aspects of this show. And one of my favorite parts is the background stories of the vocalists and learning more about them personally.

It seems that several of them have a similar story:  their parents don’t like it that they’re a musician. These young people are steered into a different career path so that they can make money and support themselves. The frequent advice is do anything except sing (finding their voices!), make music and do what their hearts most want to do.

As a writer and musician who is blessed to get to do what I love and what I recognize as my special gifts to the planet, this parental guidance breaks my heart for these young people. Many of them say, “I’m hoping at least one judge will turn their chair around for me so this will legitimize my passion for singing/music to my parents.”

Many of these vocalists are SO talented and have beautiful singing voices. Of course when the judges turn around, I am their biggest cheerleader from my living room!! Follow your heart … follow your bliss … what is your voice of vibrancy wanting to say and share with the world?  The world needs you!