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Women’s March

Trump Womens MarchI had a gig on January 21, 2017, so I didn’t get to March for history … but I was there in spirit! The numbers are counted (no alt facts here, thank you very much!) and at least 100,000 women (and men) walked in St. Paul, MN and millions around the world! As Caroline Myss says, “The beginning of redirecting the flow of our destiny.” Can you feel it? It’s huge!!!

Marching for humanity, our dignity, our equality, our voices, our rights. While we have come through years (and generations) of feeling “one down,” powerless, suppressed, not good enough, victimized, squelched, minimalized, marginalized and quieted, NOT any longer!! On Saturday, we owned our power; we took it back as our birthright. The power surge that is running through all of our veins is because it happened collectively and peacefully, not just in the United State but on all seven continents.

Are we one and done? Nope! Every person I’ve talked to since Jan. 21 talks about their action plan. I’m doing this; I’m doing that. What are you doing? Our empowered voices matter and they will be heard. All government officials took notice (whether they admit it or not). Why else would Trump’s tweets and his press secretary be focused on inauguration/rally numbers/size the morning after … like there’s nothing else to talk about?!! Really? Stay tuned because daily we are giving you something else to talk and tweet about!

All legislators work for us now; they are on our payroll and the words, “You’re fired just may backfire!!” Well, after all, we are ushering in Light from the Dark shadow that has presented itself. Love is more powerful … we know that, we represent that and we’re modeling it. What an amazing time to be alive … it is the culmination of years of work before us. Here’s to the expectancy of hope as we, singlehandedly and collectively, change the world for a wonderful future. Be awake and attentive to bring in the new! Join me dear sisters … we have a powerful mission in front of us!!


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