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Women Vote!

Women Vote!We’re in the middle of the campaign season and while most of us thought the election would be based on the economy, it’s really about women’s issues. Isn’t that interesting?! We are front and center … whether the political parties like it or not, whether they are talking about us or not.

We are a powerful group with strong voices and our opinions matter … we VOTE!

We also talk … share … connect … and the days are over of being tricked or blind-sided by goofy politicians who are trying to pull “under the table” shenanigans that impact women’s lives.

There are no more secrets … social media communicates to the masses, shining a light on the issues. When we gain awareness (see), we feel and when we feel, we heal. The model is…

See –> Feel –> Heal.

We are poised to make a huge difference in this election … be sure to VOTE on November 6!