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Women Rock Project

Women Rock ProjectWomen Rock Project™ offers a large library of videos of women from around the world. The video goals are to inspire, educate and motivate, as well as share wisdom and personal revelations from women who are living passionate lives. Based on the individual women’s own life experiences, they share insights and secrets with a mission to help change the world.

The founder and director of WomenRockProject.com is Sherry Brier, a 30-year entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring women to open new businesses, follow their dreams and reach their highest potential. She say, “My personal mission is to be a light in the world for women around the globe.”

If you are interested in my profile on WomenRockProject.com, go to this link:  http://womenrockproject.com/tami-briggs-therapeutic-harpist-national-speaker-composer-recording-artist/.


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