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From Nebraska to the Netherlands, India to Iran, and Serbia to South Carolina (and many other U.S. states), the 31 women featured in Tami Briggs’ newest book are all gifted healers. They are authors, artists, consultants, nurses, educators, leaders, and therapists – creators all. As they share their stories, they give us many insights on how to help heal the world.

You will find these 31 vibrant women remarkable – truly inspirational, motivational, and encouraging. Both men and women have much to learn from them! They are pioneers – powerful, spiritual and spirited. As they reflect on and share their journeys of healing, they model taking risks, beating the odds, being of great service, making significant differences in the world, and living their passions. They hold nothing back as they leave their beautiful legacies and exemplify this for you. The women in this book have found their voices of vibrancy and they invite you to do the same… it is time!

There is an enclosed CD of Tami’s solo harp compositions for you to relax as you read the book. Click here to order your copy.

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Tami Briggs

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