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Dear Friends,

During this holiday week of Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on many things I am grateful for and wanted to share a few of them with you:

  • For each of the 31 women who contributed to the “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy” book.
  • For all of the women who have said, “Yes! I have to have copies of the book for myself and all my friends!”
  • For each of you who have expressed interest in offering a women’s retreat or workshop on this new book.
  • For the supporting cast who have made this special project possible – Michel Rousseau, Diane Maki, Kari Havir, and Janie Delaney.
  • For “Women for Women International” for partnering with us to help empower and emancipate women worldwide.
  • For my lovely parents who will be joining me for the next week of celebrations.

A few years back, I heard about a gratitude ritual – to list five things each day that I am grateful for. I like to name these things right before I go to sleep. I drift off with a smile on my face and realize how lucky I am for all the wonder-full things in my life! I encourage you to try this . . . it is a heart-full habit. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Tami Briggs

Tami Briggs
Therapeutic Harpist
Phone: 952-829-1919