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Turning 30 …

Well, it was a long time ago!! But, that’s when I started playing the harp. I was in a painful place in my life and gave myself harp lessons for my 30th birthday … really!30th birthday

And then for my 50th birthday, it was time to “birth” the book, Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy. It was truly a labor of love to inspire and empower women all around the world.

I love to share these stories of milestone birthdays when I speak – I’ve had many people come up to me afterwards and say, “You inspired me. I’ve always wanted to __(fill in the blank)___ and even though I’m long-past 30 or 50 or 70, I still want to make my dream come true!”

What do you dream of learning? Regardless of your age, go for it!!