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Truly inspirational!

Dancing with the StarsI was glued to “The Voice” all season, until all of my favorites were eliminated. Last Monday night, on a whim, I decided to turn on “Dancing with the Stars.”

I was absolutely mesmerized by Meryl Davis (Olympic gold-medal winner of 2014 ice dancing) and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s freestyle dance. Their dancing left me speechless … and weeping. Absolutely beautiful! Then, ABC TV shared Amy Purdy’s story with her partner Derek Hough. (Amy lost both of her feet to bacterial meningitis and Derek was so gentle with her, as she not only struggled with the dance moves but became an amazing dancer throughout the season.) Wow! Every time I watched Amy dance, I was moved to tears. What an inspiration to all of us.

Meryl and Max ended up with the mirror-ball trophy. I believe they won for their talent and artistry (and undeniable chemistry!) … Amy and Derek won the hearts of the viewers and were definitely the winners of truly amazing inspiration.

So glad I switched from “The Voice” to “Dancing with the Stars” on this one night!