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Total Eclipse

Total EclipseI recognize the total eclipse was several months ago, but I never wrote about my experience on this blog and want to share!

Sometimes, synchronicities happen … and that’s exactly what happened for the total eclipse on August 21, 2017. The state of Nebraska, especially along I-80 (the southern corridor) was projected to experience totality and more than a year before the big day, the entire state began a marketing push to encourage tourists to visit during this energetic time. Since I am originally from Nebraska and one of my dear aunts lives in Kearney, she sent me many articles over the past year giving me information about this major event. As I began scheduling August gigs, I realized I would be keynoting at the Healing Beyond Borders’ conference in Denver the weekend before the Eclipse. Perfect timing to speak at the conference on August 19th (my birthday!), then drive six hours north to my aunt’s house in Kearney on August 20th, arriving just in time to experience a total eclipse the next day!

The morning of the 21st, my aunt and I made breakfast, went for a walk, prepared for the eclipse and went out to lunch. It was a beautiful warm day with clear skies and we chose to sit on her back deck that overlooked a large expansive common area. Shortly after noon, we began looking at the sun through our special glasses; totality was to occur at 12:52 for one minute and 45 seconds. And as we looked around the community, we saw numerous people sitting outside doing the same thing – all gazing up at the sun. When the big moment of totality occurred, the entire community started cheering! It was a really cool experience watching this with my 88-year-old aunt in the privacy of her home, yet also feeling like we were all in community, too!

Once totality occurred, it was safe to look directly at the sun and that is when I took the photo above. I won’t forget the beautiful, sparkling aura of the sun on that very special day. Wow, what an awesome experience!


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