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Kian with her adopted Mom on Adoption Day

Kian with her adopted Mom on Adoption Day

Kian Dwyer’s story is a juxtaposition of an unfortunate reality and undying hope. As an orphan in Iran, she was one of five children allowed to leave the country after being adopted. Her early years in the United States were met with the struggle of longing to connect with others in a new and foreign culture. Whenever she would receive negative judgment from others, Kian would emanate more love.

“I believe that we are all here for a reason. And I have finally come to terms with why I’m here in the United States. I don’t have to go back to Iran to make a difference in the world; I can do it here in America with great freedom and support.”

Since then, Kian has channeled her healing message into two businesses (Order in the Home and World Help Organization) as well as the books she has authored “There’s an Angel in All of Us” and “Living Your Chosen Eulogy: Live Today How You Want to be Remembered.” Kian’s story demonstrates the determination and perseverance shared by immigrants from around the world; one that stems from the reality of not only being survivors, but she is a “thriver.”

Kian’s message transcends culture, time, and geographic regions. She teaches that one must first love herself before giving to others. She exemplifies the expression: “As we give, we receive; as we teach, we learn.”

Her story is told in more detail in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.”


12 Responses to “Today’s interview is with Kian Dwyer, one of the 31 women in the new book “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy””

  1. Heather Greentree says:

    I want everyone to know that Kian is everything she claims to be. She is a fully evolved woman. I respect her for overcoming lifes challenges and find great inspiration from her story. After taking some real time to work on “me4me”, I have come to better understand myself. Finally, at age 41, I can now say, “I know the power of me.” We are all unique, we all have gifts and we have the power to decide to use our gifts to create a more fulfilling life for ourselves.
    Please remember: Don’t be afraid. Be who you were meant to be. Live life and love it! We only have ONE, you know. Love to all, Heather :)

  2. Jen McKinnon says:

    Kian is one of the most caring, generous, honest and genuine people I have ever met. If you need a “pick me up”, spend time with Kian. If you can’t meet her live, read her books. You will be glad you did.

  3. Janet DeGidio says:

    I met Kian a few years ago through a mutual friend, and although our first conversation was brief, it was just long enough for me sense that Kian was very special. She had this aura of peace about her that left a lasting impression on me. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Kian a little more over the past couple of years, and have learned what a compassionate, giving and loving person she is. In all her endeavors, she exhibits enthusiasm, optimism and a zest for life that draws people to her. It’s clear why Kian has so many friends, and I’m honored that she considers me one of them!

  4. Jim McLellan says:

    I first met Kian at a bookstore where she was introducing her “Eulogy”. I was just looking over some new books,I caught sight of the title. I introduced myself and told Kian that, in Viet Nam, I had written my own eulogy. We chatted as old friends do. I was invited to show her my work. A few weeks later, she was at the Woodbury library with some of her work. I brought my piece for her opinion. She read to the assembled group. The reception was rather overwhelming. As a young lady in the crowd did not have the money to buy one of Kian’s books, I paid for it. Kian was unaware until the young lady told her. So, I became a subject of “living a eulogy”. Bam!! I was hit with her message!! That simple, painless yet so rewarding.

    A few months later, I joined “facebook” and my first friend was Kian. I noticed that one of her friends was a family member of a person that I had known. Of course, we also became friends. She asked me how I knew Kian. I told her of her books and asked if she likes her work. She did not know that Kian was an author, but knew her as her dance instructor. I remember Kian mentioning a serious leg problem that had restricted her very much. I remarked at how strong she must be. My friend told me of some of what she knew of Kian. My opinion has grown to the point, that if Kian wanted to fly, she can. She has endeared so much , enlightened so many, and cares for all. She is a saint in my eyes!!

  5. Adriane Reeves says:

    Kian Dwyer is one of the most amazing women I know. She is a sparkle of sunshine everywhere she goes. I have both of her books and recently had the privilege of hearing her speak about part of her story. She is incredibly inspirational. The day I went to hear her speak, I was running late and feeling like everything was going wrong. The moment I stepped into the room where she was speaking, I was enveloped in the love that she brings to the world. It was through her story and her way of being that I could put my worries and cares into perspective. I was inspired and reminded of how each small thing we do in the world can really make a difference. Kian is also a friend of mine. I’m smiling just thinking about her shining spirit! She is kind, compassionate, loving, giving, fun and full of integrity and dedication. I admire her positive outlook on life. Kian always goes out of her way to help people. She has an incredibly full life and yet makes time for everything and everyone. Kian has been an integral part of a fundraising effort at Tapestry Folk Dance Center, she is always making sure people know about events and helping with the organizing and developing the programs. She motivates people and inspires people to give back every day. I just feel lucky to have her in the world and proud to be able to call her a friend.

  6. Ashley Jenkins says:

    Knowing Kian from a personal perspective, I couldn’t agree more that Kian is a force of love. She is such a giver, not only of her time and money, but of her experience, love, and showing others how special they are to her. Kian is an inspiration to anyone who knows her. She is a light everywhere she goes with a glowing and ready smile for anyone who crosses her path. I have been personally blessed in knowing Kian and wish that everyone could have such a glowing person in their life.

  7. Heather Ilse says:

    I met Kian only recently and was immediately drawn in by her vibrant warmth and welcoming openness. In the process of acquiring some of her books for gifts during the holiday season, I learned how her giving nature permeates everything she does. Her touching story shows that we are all One in our yearning to belong and in our inherent capacity to extend love and compassion, no matter our heritage and circumstances. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Kian!

  8. Kian loves people. She has frequently introduced her friends to me, including in the introduction such things as their passions, talents and interests, where they come from, what they do for a living, and more. Then when I ask Kian how long she has known this friend, more often than not she says, “Oh, we just met a few minutes ago.” In meeting people for the first time, she immediately takes the time to really listen to them and create a warm bond with them. Kian’s basic outlook on meeting new people is this: “Hello! You’re a friend that I haven’t met yet!”

  9. Rev. Dr. Robert D. Johnson says:

    Kian Dwyer has become my friend and has enriched my life and that of my wife for several years now. As I think about Kian, I think of a person who has empathy almost to a fault. She is empathetic to all persons I have ever met, and I am one of the beneficiaries of that empathy and love. For me she exhibits Christian love as I think of it in the best possible terms. Her books “Living Your Chosen Eulogy” and “There’s an Angel in All of Us” speaks volumes regarding her ability to see life and living at its greatest depths. I am pleased beyond my ability to express, that she calls me friend. Pastor Bob

  10. Onkar Kaur says:

    Kian, a very dear dear friend, whom I met while living in the USA. Ah how I miss you dear Kian, although her spirit is never far. She helped get together a group of women, so that we could share and care for each other. Her ability to bring people together and to love and care for each one individually, without comprimising her feelings for anyone else, makes it possible for her soul to shine on each of us. She has so much love to give , and from that love we each grow towards our own enlightened self by our very association with Kian. I keep trying to lure her to the other side of the world. When that happens there will be a shift in global energy, as she brings her light and love to this side for a visit. I am honoured to be her friend and know that she has only begun her journey of touching souls. God and Gurus blessings Kian

  11. I could tell you Kian is a wonderful person but if you’ve read any of the comments, you would already know that. In addition to her wonderful attributes described previously, Kian would give her left arm to help you out (not her right one, though, she needs that for lindy hopping!).

    Kian is the first to raise her hand to volunteer, the first to say hi to a new face, the first to introduce a “new friend” to others, the first to help you do ANYTHING! That is why she is the first in the hearts of so many of her friends.

    To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, Kian is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    PS – If Kian were an animal, she would be a golden retriever, loyal to the core. ;-)

  12. Mark Schader says:

    I wish Kian had more flaws…

    In all seriousness, I know Kian personally and professionally, and years ago introduced her to the Tapestry dance community (which she took by storm in her disarming and sparkling way).

    When I first met her at one of her book events, I was drawn to her orphanage/adoption story and her calling to help people. She takes this calling–to give of herself to others–to heart. She is a multi-talented and “supernaturally” organized person. She is one of the smartest people I know, with depth and compassion and an elegant spirituality. She is one of the most accepting, non-judgemental, people I know.

    And Kian is a lovely writer. I enjoy her style of writing as well as what she writes. Besides her writing, she is an artist (a painter, and interior designer, a belly dancer and a strong supporter of many artists).

    I am very grateful that she came to the USA and that she came into my life, and that she touches so many people’s lives.