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Jamie Spikes (pictured at the left)

Jamie Spikes (pictured at the left)

Jamie Spikes lives by the motto, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” She encourages and enables new mothers to fully appreciate their role in “rocking the cradle and ruling the world.”

From the moment she first witnessed her cat Jingle Bell giving birth, she knew that nursing was her calling. Ever since those miraculous moments as a child, Jamie has stuck to her dream. She is currently a maternal infant nurse and nurse educator, and has practiced in more than 10 hospitals with birth rates from 20 per month to 600 per month.

Jamie’s current healing role is as an exemplary nursing professor where she inspires future generations of healthcare professionals. And her love and dedication to health issues goes beyond the educational and hospital setting. As an avid supporter of illness prevention and health promotion, she currently takes her triumphs over beating cancer to help others in need. Jamie, like many of the other women featured in Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy, believes that healing starts from within.

Despite the changing times, Jamie continues to be an inspiration for her students, patients, and friends. One of the most powerful things about Jamie is her ability to notice life lessons that surround her. As a lover of daylilies (which bloom at sunrise and whither at sunset), Jamie has learned to cherish and be present in every moment of life. She also collects buttons, vintage button bracelets, and button junque, as well as sharing button lore with anyone interested!

It is always special to sit down and talk with Jamie – an amazing, passionate, quirky, eccentric, and loving woman! To read more of her story in Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy, click here to purchase your copy.


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12 Responses to “Today we profile one of the 31 contributing women in the new book “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy,” Jamie Spikes”

  1. KWU is proud to have one of our nursing faculty recognized.

  2. Jamie’s largest and best collection is good friends. Her magnetic personality attracts people. She is a very faithful and loving friend to many.

  3. Niki Pope says:

    As one of Jamie’s students I can say that she is a wonderful inspiration to her students. She always takes the time to make sure to answer questions or enlighten us at any time. She always uses examples from her experience to illustrate the information we are given, especially when the medical jargon makes it difficult to comprehend! She is like a mother hen, gathering us under her wings, and showing us the way!!! We absolutely adore her!!!

  4. Melinda Hutton says:

    Jamie is amazing and giving on so many levels. She knows no strangers and truly makes this world a better place.

  5. Marshall Stanton, former KWU President says:

    Jamie not only teaches students the attitudes and skills of nursing, she is good medicine herself with her nurturing personality and ready giggle.

  6. Marilyn Masterson says:

    I always love to hear more about my friends! She is an outstanding clinician and does such a good job of teaching clients as well as being an excellent example for peers!

  7. Kathy Corona says:

    Jamie is one of those individuals that is an inspiration to know and proud to be a friend with. People seek her out in times of need because she has that special touch of listening and making you feel important. Bless you Jamie, Kathy Corona

  8. Pat Kissell, Dean School of Nursing and Health Sciences Northwest Nazarene University says:

    Jamie is unique in many ways. I remember the day she walked into the office carrying a tray of daylilies. I jokingly said, “I suppose we are having these for lunch!” She responded that they are edible, and thus I tasted my first daylilies. Just ask Jamie to come with ideas for nametags. She made me look good at so many national conferences as people loved the nametags. Jamie helped students in so many quiet ways- the student who did not have the money to renew her license plates, the student who needed some “fixing up” at the beauty shop, and the student whose young child needed clothes. I am sure others could come up with many “unique” ways of Jamie.

  9. Dea Whitaker, KWU Nursing Student says:

    Jamie is so much more than just an excellent teacher, as one of her students I have seen first hand how she guides us and encourages us to always put our best foot forward. She reminds us how important it is to make a connection with our patients rather than just ‘treating them’. Jamie is one of those few people that come into your life and leave footprints on your heart. We are all very priveleged to know such a wonderful person.

  10. Janelle Martin says:

    What a joy it has been to know Jamie for the past 15 years! She has been a teacher, friend and inspiration to me and many others. One of my favorite things about Jamie is her visible delight for her friends and her work. One of the things I most admire is her ability to “be present” and enjoy the now moments. Her knowledge and the ability to share knowledge and experience are a gift to those around her!

  11. Tamra T. Lamer says:

    I have quite enjoyed reading each and every reply above. Everyone has shared what is special to them about Jamie and every word used to describe and relate to her is exact and true. She is indeed…infectious…in a non-medicinal manner, of course! Her love of life and being such a “lively” part of it is wonderful!!

  12. Thea Todd says:

    Jamie inspires those around her with her knowledge, charm, wit, and generous nature. I feel very blessed to have been influenced by her as a student, as a mother, as a community collaborator and as a friend.