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Mary Beth Lamb

Mary Beth Lamb

Amongst her many professional roles, Mary Beth Lamb is above all a teacher of empathy. As a cross-cultural facilitator, she focuses on how empathy in the workplace can be used to work together more effectively. Mary Beth models this simple, but not so easy, idea of “stepping in someone else’s shoes” in her professional and private life. She comments, “Empathy starts with recognizing the cultural differences that are inherent in all of us. After recognizing, affirming, and applauding this uniqueness, we can collectively move forward as members of the human race.”

In her Women as Healers story, she writes, “…this work is about building fragile boards towards each other in a global suspension bridge of peace.” Mary Beth encourages clients to take the first step of venturing out onto the rickety bridge – often times, moving outside of their comfort zone. She continues, “Facilitating world peace may not be the main reason I’m hired, but it can always be one of the outcomes, if the participants so choose.” She teaches and inspires clients to seek a deeper understanding and to transcend culture, time and geography. As she watches people communicate more effectively across cultures, her rewards are many.

For more on Mary Beth Lamb’s heart-felt story of how empathy impacted and changed her life, be sure to read her story in Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.