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Kay Casperson

Kay Casperson

In a profession that values perfection and superficiality, Kay Casperson is a breath of fresh air. For the past 25 years, Kay has donned a number of titles within the beauty industry from consultant to research and development director. Now, a nationally known beauty and lifestyle expert, she has developed a skincare line called BIO Essentials and a cosmetics line called INSIDE I’m Gorgeous. BIO stands for Beauty Inside Out and each product encourages individuals to live a life of balance and beauty.

What sets BIO Essentials apart from other similar brands is its goal to inspire true beauty. “True beauty,” as Kay explains, “means finding the delicate balance between inner and outer beauty, and appreciating who you are as an individual.” Each of the eight products within the Beauty Inside Out product line (Remove, Refresh, Repair, Revitalize, Replenish, Renew, Refine and Resurface) is tied to an affirmation that seeks to heal a certain area of life. For example, every bottle of the Remove facial cleanser has the statement, “identify and remove negative influences in your life.” Therefore, as an individual uses these products to promote outer-beauty, they are healing their inner-self at the same time. This idea of true beauty has a number of healing implications such as a newfound confidence and a deeper love for life.

For more information about Kay Casperson, read her story in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.”