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Connie Fenty

Connie Fenty

Labyrinths have been a presence throughout Connie Fenty’s life. As a child she was drawn to trace her way through mazes appearing in activity books. Later, her curiosity was sparked by a picture of Rev. Lauren Artress surrounded by a labyrinth on the floor of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. As an adult, this passion runs far deeper than aesthetical enjoyment. She comments, “The labyrinth can teach us to trust, moving us into our own innate ‘knowing’ to that which is of our highest good.”

Throughout her professional life, Connie has used her affinity for labyrinths to promote wholeness for thousands of individuals of all ages. One of the many ways she does this is through Your Nature Connection Seminars, where she creates and facilitates workshops on the healing relationship between people, nature, and spirit.

Connie also speaks about how many connections labyrinths have with the outside world, both past and present. For example, labyrinths connect people not only to the earth, but also to those who have come before us. She says, “Walking the labyrinth becomes a way of remembering and re-connecting to our ancestors.”

Labryinth in Lights

Labryinth in Lights

For more of Connie’s insight into the power of labyrinths, read her story in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.”


2 Responses to “Today, our spotlight is on Connie Fenty – one of the 31 women in the new book “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy””

  1. Joan L Farb says:

    It was wonderful to read your interview with Connie. She not only builds beautiful labyrinths, but I could also attest to the fact that she is an excellent facilitator as well. I attend her monthly full moon walks in the heart shaped labyrinth that she created at Soulutions for Daily Living.

  2. Carol Grosso says:

    I too attend the Heart at Soulutions as well as the Vesica Pisis at Playwiki Farm. My friend, Fran, and I did a small helping there putting that together and the energies even then were serene! Connie is an awesome woman with a wonderful view of life in all it’s forms. The labyrinths help us to find our peace within to better handle what is without. She helps us to find what we all carry in our hearts through these sessions at Soulutions by working on different projects that really stimulate the creative aspects in our own hearts!
    Way To Go Connie! Ty for this offering to put a tribute to a wonderful lady who really knows her path!