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The Prayer of Jabez

Prayer of JabezIn the last blog post, I wrote about intentions. It reminded me of something that happened early in my harp-playing days.

A dear friend of mine suggested I read a small (but very powerful) book called “The Prayer of Jabez.” It is a beautiful mantra prayer and in my own words, it is…

Dear God: Bless me. Enlarge my territory. May Your hand guide me to goodness. And may it be so. 

I worked with this prayer every day for two weeks and one day, I received a phone call from the head of chaplaincy at the Mayo Clinic. He asked me to speak/play the harp for Mayo’s Spiritual Grand Rounds. I felt like I had “arrived” … and was amazed at this!!!

This is a simple but very powerful mantra prayer. I invite you to try it … expect BIG results!!