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Women for Women InternationalI recently opened up a solicitation letter for money donations from Women for Women International. A nice gesture, they included three notecards and a powerful bookmark stating, “Stronger Women, Stronger Nations.” This made me pause for a few moments to reflect what that really means.

From the depths of my soul, I knew it was a true statement. Much of Women for Women International’s work is with women in countries that are war torn and who haven’t lived empowered lives. It is vital to support those who are much less fortunate than we are in the U.S. And with the new presidential administration and the current political turmoil, it feels like so much is being ripped away, yet I stand in gratitude for my many blessings, and how women here and around the world are uniting to truly create stronger nations. We are stronger … we are connected … we are empowered. What an incredible time to be on planet Earth!


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