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Mental Health is a PriorityBack in late July, one of the keynote presentations at the Mayo Clinic’s Holistic Wellness conference was Dr. Henry Emmons. He made a startling statement that I’ve been reflecting on … one that impacts lots of people and perhaps, especially women. He said, “80% of depressions are stress-related.” We’ve all heard of good and not-so-good stress. Seems like keeping stress “in check” is vitally important so that it doesn’t manifest into depression.

Dr. Emmons continued:  the treatment is different for stress-related depression (not just going on anti-depressants) and in our quest of needing to offer other remedies, this is where complementary modalities come into play (the overall conference theme and a topic that I’m very passionate about). The remainder of his talk was about perceived stress and how this relates to our resilience of body, mind and spirit. Definitely “food for thought” …



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