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Setting Intentions

IntentionIn the introduction of the Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy book, I mention Rosemary Bilgrien and a “Morning of Christmas Peace” that she set up for the community. A year later, she invited me to do the first Women as Healers presentation. As we were preparing for this gig, she and a couple other organizers used essential oils to bless every chair and asked that each woman who sat there to experience a healing for her highest good. By the time they were finished with this beautiful activity, the room felt magical. When I talked to Rosemary about this, she said, “It is all about setting positive, loving, healing intentions.” While I had heard this word before, this was the first time it “sunk in” at a deeper level.

Since that time, I have been working a lot with intentions. I am in awe of how this works and how powerful they are! It is different than “trying” or “setting goals.” I invite you to experiment with this and expect amazing results!