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Ovarian Cancer RibbonI love sharing resources for women on this blog! Today, I introduce you to Janet Kempe who is a long-term cancer survivor. (I met her when I spoke and played the harp at an Ovarian Cancer Survivor’s Day in Atlanta, GA.)

Janet is incredibly passionate about helping cancer patients and their caregivers find unique resources to support their journey from a holistic perspective. She says, “I understand the importance of treating the whole person:  body, mind and spirit. I launched my website, SpotMany.com to expand my reach.” Today, this site is part of the Necessities for the Women We Love program and receives rave reviews from both patients and gynecologists who serve them.

Janet knows … she “gets” the importance of connection at a visceral level. Her personal experience and long-term survivorship is the foundation of her exquisite care from her heart. She offers support, insights and resources to many others on the cancer journey. Click here for more information.