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PoliticsWe have been contributing to this blog for many years. And we rarely get political here (or on Facebook either!)

And now, we are getting political because there’s a female candidate running for President of the US of A. Have you noticed?!! Of course, it’s hard NOT to notice, right?!! And especially when another front-runner says, “She pulls the woman card!”

Regardless what you think of Hillary Clinton, it is fascinating to watch her (and all the other women on the campaign trail who are running for office). Is it OK for her to be feminine or is it better for her to be aggressive/more masculine? Can she handle the tough “male issues” like Commander-in-Chief? Can she work across the aisle and nurture the relationships she has with leaders/dignitaries from all around the world (from her past Secretary of State duties)? Can she address our women’s issues without alienating men?

It has been fascinating to watch so far … and it’s not over yet!! As a friend recently said, “It’s just the beginning of May and we have until early November … oh my!!”



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