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Planets in Retrograde…

PlanetsAre you aware of this? Do you know what it means? Can you feel it and/or are you experiencing it?

Many people are talking about this … the planets (four or five of them) are causing all kinds of challenges, specifically with┬ácommunication.

Having computer problems? Phone challenges? Car issues, especially with the technological/electrical systems? All of these are likely related to planets in retrograde … honestly!

I feel it and so can many others. As I’m in conversation with others, sometimes I’ll mention this and I’m amused how many are aware of this vs. others who think it is hocus pocus!!

Regardless what you believe, the best advice is “Keep breathing!!” because truly, this, too, shall pass … and on some days, not a moment too soon!! In the meantime, here’s to an awesome summer!


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