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NSA = No Stress Allowed!

No Stress Allowed!This past weekend, I spoke and played the harp at the International Harp Therapy Program’s conference in Cedar Falls, IA. My topic of self-care is one I’m very passionate about!

As I was about to begin speaking, one of the participants came running in, late and disheveled. We all laughed! It was a perfect time to introduce a new acronym that I’d been thinking about … NSA = No Stress Allowed!!

Isn’t it fun to think about a group of harpists to be trend setters and start a new craze … especially one that’s decreasing stress. (BTW – aren’t harpists all about stress reduction anyway?!)  So next time you feel stressed and are texting or typing an e-mail, feel free to join our new movement … NSA = No Stress Allowed … REALLY!