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My Dear Goddaughter

AngelA couple of weeks ago, I joined my dear goddaughter at her school for lunch – tacos and homemade cinnamon rolls (YUM!). We had a nice time together, then I watched her compete in her fifth grade’s spelling bee. I found myself getting nervous!  She, on the other hand, was poised and prepared.

She spelled word after word and suddenly, she was one of the two remaining contestants. She got her final word to spell; she asked for its use in a sentence. The sentence used the name, Joyce and I gasped! (Joyce is my goddaughter’s middle name – in honor of her Dad’s mother’s name who died when he was 13.) I knew in my heart my goddaughter had a special angel that day … she won!

Her next competition is tonight and I’ll be cheering her on, along with her parents and wonderful brother.  Go Miss R!! And much love from your godmother…

Tami Briggs


One Response to “My Dear Goddaughter”

  1. Nilima says:

    I am happy for her and happy for you as you were filled with great joy when you saw her winning the competition. She is a lucky girl to have you as her god mother:)