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Miracles Mastermind

MiracleI am in a Miracles Mastermind group. We made a 90-day commitment and every member in our group has had wonderful things happen! So, we decided to make another 90-day commitment … I’m in!!

It is fascinating to watch our progress and honestly, it’s not without some bumps. What’s powerful, though, is having a community around each of us to navigate through the rough waters. Further, our dreams keep getting bigger (and sometimes more uncomfortable) … and we are manifesting because of our strong intentions and our daily meditations for ourselves and each other. It has been, and continues to be, a very powerful experience!

We are all women in this group. Does that matter? I believe it does! We are each in a healing role with varied backgrounds, interests and lifestyles, yet we have a commonality of understanding, group process and ideas of how to move forward. It is an honor to be with them and I am excited to see what transpires next for each member!

At some point, each of the core members will be starting our own Miracles Mastermind group. Private message me if you are interested in participating. And stay tuned for a report on the next round of miracles occurring …!!


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