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Building Woodwinds Health Campus in Woodbury, MN
Cindy Bultena (pictured at the right)

Cindy Bultena, Executive Lead for Healing and Clinical Coordination at Woodwinds Health Campus

Inspiration is everywhere we look. It’s in the people we meet, the things we read, and the struggles and joys of life. Cindy Bultena found her inspiration from a poem on a t-shirt one day in a souvenir shop.

“Your angels are there in your time of need, not to question or judge but to give you a lead. It may be a vision or a voice you hear, they just want to tell you that magic is near. So pick yourself up and go after your dream, you will never have a better home team.”

These words of wisdom led her to apply for a position helping to design a hospital called Woodwinds Health Campus in Woodbury, Minnesota. Since 1997, Cindy has been part of the senior leadership team and has brought her vision of compassion, love, and healing to the Woodbury community.

“Our work is about helping each and every employee – to be who they are.”

When interviewing Cindy, I could feel the compassion, love, and healing that she has infused into Woodwinds; her leadership exemplifies how to use personal healing in order to help others. For Cindy and the staff at Woodwinds, healing starts from within the employees and patients; you can’t care for others without first caring for yourself. By nurturing the spirit of everyone (regardless of job title or status) and showing them their intrinsic value, Woodwinds continues to set benchmarks of achievement in the medical world:

  • Patient satisfaction is in the 92nd percentile in the United States .
  • Woodwinds recently received the “Best Hospital Workplace” Award from the Minnesota Hospital Association.

I have watched Cindy blossom in her role at Woodwinds. She is truly a beautiful model to all in the healthcare industry. I am deeply honored that Cindy said, “Yes! I want to be a part of the Women as Healers book.” Click here to order your copy!

Tami Briggs