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Rusty McDermott

Rusty McDermott

The story of Rusty McDermott is one of undying faith. Deeply religious, Rusty had dedicated 26 years to sharing her affinity for God as a hospital minister to the sick. However, on the morning of November 17, 1991, her world (along with this religious devotion) was shattered after her youngest daughter was a homicide victim.

Rusty’s story title in “Women as Healers” is “Faith Break.” The loss of her daughter not only broke her faith for a long time, but she also took a break from hospital ministry. During this hiatus, Rusty turned to music – an element of life that has been a constant for her. She recorded a vocal CD of healing music that continues to be used at liturgical events and hospital bedsides, as well as for personal meditation. Click here for more information on Rusty’s music.

Several years after the loss of her daughter, Rusty returned to hospital ministry and takes advantage of every opportunity to share her voice with the world. “Music has brought me joy and lifted my spirit,” Rusty says. “It has comforted me during difficult times and provided a means for me to express myself. The mere fact that I can touch someone through song fills me with joy.”

For more on Rusty’s journey of rediscovering her faith, be sure to read her story in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.”