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Lean In book by Sheryl SandbergDid you see 60 Minutes last night?

They featured an interesting story on Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO. Ranked the 8th Most Powerful Woman in Business (from Fortune’s list of 50), she wrote a book called “Lean In.” The title comes from women frequently leaning back, not owning our power and minimizing ourselves. And Sandberg is interested in re-fueling the “Women’s Revolution” encouraging just the opposite – lean in, say yes and claim our power. What an inspiring role model!

On the 60 Minutes segment, she spoke about how women say, “I got here because of hard work and/or luck” while men say, “I have talent and specific skills.” Her message is clear – empowering women together, urging women to take risks, seek new challenges and go for our dreams.

I couldn’t agree more!