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Janie Delaney

Janie Delaney

How do you describe someone whose professional background includes massage therapy, golf course maintenance, and graphic designing? Easy: you focus on what is most important in their life: family. As president and owner of Janie Delaney Inc., a graphic design company based in Minnesota, the most important job title in Janie’s life is that of mother and grandmother.

Janie is deeply aware of the connections shared between generations of women. The birth of her granddaughter, Delly, came at an interesting crossroads for their family as Janie’s mother was progressing through the latter stages of Alzheimer’s. Despite this bittersweet moment of birth and death, Janie was determined to connect Delly with her great-grandma. “Death is the door to reality,” Janie said with regards to her mother’s passing. “Dying brings renewal, strength, and a clearer vision of one’s life. Death is not saying goodbye, but carrying the good of another’s life forward.”

For more about Janie, you can read her story in Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.