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Jean Morrison

Jean Morrison

There are a number of reoccurring themes running through the stories in “Women as Healers” and one of those is the duality of the human spirit. This motif is clearly expressed in the personality of Jean Morrison. As the founding partner of RESOLVE, a consulting firm providing conflict management, and a self confessed workaholic, Jean can attest to the need of finding a balance in life. After 22 years of professional mediation and countless hours helping others reach compromise, Jean none-the-less sees the world through hope-filled eyes.

Through the years of working to “smooth out” the emotional knots between two people as a professional mediator, Jean has and continues to learn about the universe and the people in it. One pattern she can’t help but notice is the commonality of humanity. Regardless of race, religion, or economic background, we all have the need to be heard, understood, and valued. It is only after these often-overlooked “rights” are honored when healing can begin. To read more of her story in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy,” click here to purchase your copy.