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Mary Beth Schommer

Mary Beth Schommer

As a Healing Touch practitioner with over 26 years of experience in a corporate environment, Mary Beth Schommer continues to exemplify the duality of the human spirit. By staying true to her uniquely infectious personality, she has brought positive energy not only to the corporate world, but also to the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. Mary Beth believes that by aligning mind, body, and spirit, we are better equipped to be present and open to possibilities, which in turn make us better healers.

Mary Beth is a lot of things. She is an audience member in the theater of life, enjoying everything it has to offer. As a mountain-climber, scuba diver, student of comedy, world traveler, and woman of healing, Mary Beth leads a life of personal fulfillment. By seeking to blanket the world with light and unconditional love, Mary Beth seeks to find the bliss in everyday life.

“We must shine our light within the confines of not only the corporate structure, but every environment we are in.”

For more about Mary Beth Schommer’s unique outlook on healing, comedy, and corporate life, read her story in Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy. Click here to order your copy.