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Linda Rock

Linda Rock

It is perfectly clear that Linda Rock is living her passion. After witnessing firsthand how many healthcare providers struggle with how to care for chronically ill patients, Linda began searching for a better alternative. She found one in hospice. After being introduced to hospice care in the 1980’s as a volunteer, Linda continues her dream job as the Executive Director of Prairie Haven Hospice in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Throughout her experiences with caring for patients and their families, Linda has learned the healing power of abiding. “Abiding with someone means I am present with a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” Linda’s belief in being fully present has helped many in the painful transition of loss.

In her working environment, Linda is surrounded by grief. Yet, hospice has given Linda an optimistic outlook on the future. Because so much of life is unknown, Linda advocates that everyday should be filled with laughter, forgiveness, and a sense of duty to others. “If we can keep these central in our lives, the end of life can be a time of peace, grace, and yes, even joy.”

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