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Interesting quote!

Peace Corps LogoI saw this quote by Carrie Hessler-Radelet, director of Peace Corps, in a recent Reader’s Digest magazine:  There are 12 presidents in Africa who credit a Peace Corps volunteer with starting them on the path to their presidency.” Wow … isn’t that amazing?!

I’ve always thought it would be an exciting adventure to be a Peace Corps representative … and now after reading this, it’s a tremendous opportunity to make a difference/impact lives.

My desire to go on Peace Corps started right after I graduated with my undergraduate degree. Shortly after finishing college, I was an International Four-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) program representative on a six-month assignment and my host country was Switzerland. It was a unique experience because we lived with host families and worked/played/experienced “real life” right alongside of them. It was a cultural immersion – language, customs, mores and values; really a life-changing experience for me! And it certainly piqued my interest in international relations. Upon returning, Peace Corps was “on my radar” but it wasn’t the right time since I needed to settle back into the U.S. culture and work.

Life happens … all these years later, I’m still asking:  Should I apply for a Peace Corps adventure and if so, when? Reading this quote has brought it to the forefront again! In the meantime, may the Peace Corps volunteers continue blessing those they touch and making a huge impact. The world can certainly use peace-loving leadership and presidencies for every nation. A dream started by President Kennedy all those years ago, it’s a lesson in dreaming, creating and manifesting peace, harmony and goodwill around the globe.

Any other “closet” Peace Corps folks, besides me?! When are we going to go? Definitely worth contemplating…


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