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women as healers, voices of vibrancy, being of service, emancipate women, empowering women, gifted healers, help heal the world, leaving your legacy, make your dreams come true, making a difference, women’s leadershipWe value your comments … and it is fun to share what readers have said about my newest book, Women as Healers:

  • “Tami Briggs has compiled a moving, thoughtful and touching series of portraits of women who have given their lives to caring for and healing others. Through their own voices, each contributor to Women as Healers recounts a special story about her personal journey as a caregiver. As I read about each of the women, I laughed with them, cried with them and wished I had the opportunity to meet each and every one of them personally.”
  • “Without any doubt, this is a very special and unique book that should be on all of our must-read lists.”
  • “Each of these women has expressed beautifully their healing journeys. It gave me ideas on how to live my passion.”
  • “This is such an inspirational book and each story is so profound. Thank you for sharing it with the world – it is just what we need at this time.”
  • “I knew there were women out there who have accomplished wonderful things in the face of adversity, but I had never met one. I am thrilled to read Women as Healers and get to know some of the stories.”
  • “Please tell the editor that her book is touching and encouraging women, offering hope and direction, and giving them a sense of purpose.”

The Women as Healers book is available in paperback ($25) or as an e-book ($15). I hope the book touches you in many meaningful ways and I look forward to hearing your comments…

Tami Briggs