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Hooking People Up!

All Connected!I love sharing resources, connecting people and watching the relationships bloom and grow! And here’s one of my recent connections…

A friend of mine has photography of her brother’s beautiful rock collection. As she’s preparing to present it to the world, she has decided to share some of the profits with an organization called Grandmother Circles. This non-profit was started in Minneapolis and helps fund projects with Kenyan women who have specific needs.

As I was chatting with my friend about this photography project/next steps, she expressed interest in getting some videos done to put on YouTube. I immediately thought of Julius Keya of Brilliant Image Productions, a world-class videographer who is originally from Kenya. (He has done all of the videos on this website.)

Recently, I introduced Julius to my friend and the founder of Grandmother Circles. It’s the beginning of an exciting relationship and perhaps a video in the making of this beautiful project …