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Happy St Patrick's DayOn Saturday, a dear friend called and said, “I’m taking my daughter and her friend to the mall this afternoon to see an Irish dancing group. Do you want to go?” I jumped at the chance!

There was standing room only as the crowd surrounded the wooden dance floor where the girls performed. And before the performance, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation.

The school owner introduced herself and the dance troupe of Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance from Eagan, MN. They performed flawlessly for 45 minutes … it was a great performance! The girls and one little boy (who almost stole the show!) smiled throughout the performance; it was evident they loved dancing, together. You could feel their deep connection with each other, working together in unity to create a wonderful production.

On this blog, I frequently write about two of my passions:  1) women’s wellness, and 2) women’s empowerment. I saw this performance as a great example of both! Their dancing is great exercise, as these young girls learn to care for themselves and love their bodies. It is also a huge confidence builder to shine in public and be appreciated for such a unique talent.

It made my St. Patrick’s Day special … and I believe many in the audience would say the same!