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9 yearsIt was almost nine years ago today that the “Women as Healers” books arrived in our garage … what an exciting adventure this has been!! We feel a “good overwhelming” feeling when we reflect on the thousands of women who’ve read and been touched by the book, as well as participated in “Women as Healers” workshops and retreats. It has been our honor to serve and touch you through the powerful stories of these healers from around the world.

By Christmas, we are anticipating our printed-copy “Women as Healers” inventory will be depleted. It will then be available as an e-book only for $3.95; you can also download the “Women as Healers” CD for $9.99 to listen and relax as you enjoy reading the e-book.

We have enjoyed blogging on this site for the entire time the book has been available … and it feels like our nine-year anniversary is a perfect time to sign off. We continue to wish you much peace, love, contentment and healing. Be well…


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