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Birthday CandlesWondering what I should write this month on this blog, a friend suggested that I write about my parents’ birthdays…yes, they are on the same day (six years apart, but nevertheless on the same day).

This year was a big milestone for my Mom and she requested NO party. So, my sister and I wanted to do something special and keep it a secret from her. Since she’s not on Facebook, we decided to post the following:

Occasionally, I’ve posted photos and different events going on in my parents’ lives here on FB. Mom is celebrating a milestone birthday on January 8, 2017. She has requested NO party so my sister and I thought it would be fun to surprise her with a showering of birthday cards. If you would like to send her one, please private message me for her address. I know she will love hearing from so many of you!! And some of you probably know this, but mom and dad share the same birthday! Dad is six years older so if you want to include him in the card showering that’s definitely OK, too!! Thank you … and Happy New Year to you!

And then the barrage of PMs started asking for their address; based on the number of responses, I knew this was a great surprise in the making!!!

The first “card” to arrive on New Year’s Eve Day (nine days before their special day) was actually way more than just a card … it also included a gift of sea-salted caramels (um, yum!) from one of MY friends who hasn’t even met or know my parents!! How cool is that!!

So then, New Year’s Day and January 2nd happened – quietly – without any mail service either days. The next day, the mailbox flooding began in full force. All told, they received 85+ cards from friends and family. But the best surprise – I was shocked at how many of my friends said, “Yes!” to send a card and write a love message when they only know me. How awesome is that … I feel truly encircled by an amazing community and I am grateful. My parents were “over the moon” with this incredible showering of love … a special thank you to ALL who participated!





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