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Living with JoyWhen I conduct the “Women as Healers” presentations, one of the topics that we frequently discuss is gratitude.

Barbara Schroeder is a nurse at the Mayo Clinic and her story in “Women as Healers” is about gratitude. I also love what the book “Living with Joy” by Sanaya Roman says about gratitude. To summarize:  1) whatever we appreciate increases in our lives, 2) gratitude connects us to our hearts, and 3) giving thanks allows us to practice receiving.

On a personal note:  I have used the “Living with Joy” book in two different situations. When I was selling a company in 1997, I read two pages in this book every night before I slept … it was a beautiful way to end each day and set intention for the next day. (We sold the company in exactly 365 days which was really FAST and I believe this book played a big role in it.) I used it again for 365 days during the recent economy dip. It is a positive reminder that the vibration of gratitude is powerful and all is well, especially when we stay in the flow of peace and joy.