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Girl Power!!

GirlfriendsRecently, I was watching a TV show called “My Kid Would Never Do That….” It was the first time I’d watched and I saw something fascinating that I believe is worthy of sharing on this blog.

The set-up was actors playing various roles + male and female teens to react and respond to various situations with the parents observing their teens’ behavior. The monitor, Natalie Morales of NBC, also interviewed the parents and a common response was “My child is very responsible, knows right from wrong and takes appropriate action when necessary, etc.”

For this particular episode, the issue was centered on taking advantage of women (especially when alcohol is involved) and date rape. (Perhaps this topic was chosen because of the recent escalated accountability college campuses across the country are feeling about this issue.)

What I observed was both the boys and girls reacted in appropriate ways to some of the awful situations they were being placed in. However, while you could see in the boys’ eyes that many knew they should respond, many of them snickered, were nervous and frozen into complacency, not taking any action. It was the GIRLS who spoke up and took action! I think this is called Girl Power!! I found it comforting to watch these girls “have each others’ backs!” with special meaning to you go girl!!


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