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Energy Keepers

LabyrinthYesterday, I had coffee with a friend who shared information about Energy Keepers – even the name is intriguing!

The work of the Energy Keepers, a group of 140 people from all over the world, is to “hold space” for anyone who needs healing, prayer and/or a special boost of energetic protection/guidance.

Anyone can make a request via e-mail and the leader disperses them to the team. Sometimes, many details of a situation are given; other times, only limited information is available. Each Energy Keeper decides how to honor the request in their own tradition … and it always involves incorporating the labyrinth, a meditative healing tool.

Also, the group doesn’t expect follow-up … sometimes they hear of powerful healings; other times, they trust the situation will resolve in the highest manner possible.

What a wonderful idea started by The Labyrinth SocietyClick here for more information.