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Each One Teach Five

Voices of ourr Future LogoI have blogged a couple of times about the Empowerment Mentorship that I participated in, connected to the World Pulse’s Voices of Our Future program. My mentee, Nilima, has successfully completed the four assignments…she did a great job with each of them! Her last assignment was writing a feature story and it is quite interesting. Click here to read it!

The last phase of this program is “Each One Teach Five,” letting people know about World Pulse and encouraging them to sign up. Both Nilima and I have committed to signing up at least five women to this incredible community of women from all over the world.  It is an easy process to sign up and you can do so by clicking here if you are interested.  World Pulse’s motto is “connecting women to transform our World” – this is indeed a unique opportunity to do just that!