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Make a DifferenceThis blog post is about sharing some of our observations about the current political “leadership.” Are you “on board” with the changing policies, the release of long-standing relationships (eg., NATO, NAFTA, etc.), hyperbolic and inflammatory statements, shifting values and principles, etc. with this current Administration?

For many of us, it has been very challenging to watch, observe and see how it impacts many people – whether it’s immigrants, disabled, seniors and elders, scientists, Mother Earth lovers, diverse and “fringe” groups, etc.

Energetically, it feels so unsettling to watch and experience the dismantling of these many systems and yet, we’ve also been seeing something very powerful. Despite all the craziness, we are carrying on with our healing. We have important work; we are persisting and continuing to do what we all know is right and appropriate. This is happening in spite of the “leadership” modeling something entirely different – falsehoods, unethical choices, lacking integrity, caring only for himself and a few nepotistic relationships and his cronies, etc.

We believe there are many more of us holding space for love, light, integrity and ethical decisions. The truth will prevail and so will high vibrations. It reminds us of what happened after 9/11 … we started connecting, and paying attention to each other, looking around us and staying alert/vigilant.

Humanity is strong and resilient. We are not interested in going backwards and we are ever more mindful of all the good work we will continue to do. We are awakening … carry on!


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