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Board Responsibilities

Board of DirectorsI am nearing the three-year mark of serving on a Board of Directors for my townhouse association. It has been a tremendous learning experience!! As a Board, we set some specific objectives. While the journey has been a bit rocky at times, I am happy to report that many of our goals have been met!!

We are a “mixed gender” Board and we work really well together. That said, I have to say I’m especially proud of the women and how much we have accomplished in a short amount of time. (Yes, three years can feel like a lifetime on some days (!) but it’s a short timeframe to accomplish all that we’ve done!)

The other thing that is interesting about this experience is many of our projects can easily be considered “man’s work” but I’ve watched the women “roll up our sleeves,” educate ourselves, and get to work! It’s been a fascinating journey.

I’m up for re-election in mid-May. Am I running again? To be determined…


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