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Beyond Surgery Program

globeIt is interesting how we’re all connected … about six months ago, Barb Schroeder, a nurse at the Mayo Clinic in the Women as Healers book, mentioned a program called Beyond Surgery®.  As she was sharing, it really “spoke to me,” but I didn’t take immediate action. A few months later, the co-founder of Beyond Surgery®, Judy Lynne Ray, e-mailed me asking about purchasing CDs wholesale. I immediately called her and we had a wonderful connection!

I will be taking this training in July along with several Mayo nurses … looking very forward!

The Beyond Surgery® Program is a protocol of interactive coaching and integrative healing therapies to support individuals as they approach and go through any type of medical procedure or situation which may cause anxiety and discomfort.

It is two pre-procedural sessions, three post-procedural sessions, and includes a take-home workbook and CDs for initiating the patients’ own innate healing response. One of the exciting things about this program is it incorporates many integrative modalities for wellness:

Once certified, I will also offer Therapeutic Harp and the BioMat (infrared rays, amethyst and negative ions) to clients for a unique combination of healing and holism.

For clients who receive a treatment using BSP, possible outcomes include:

  • To feel calm, less anxious
  • To focus on a positive outcome
  • To participate fully in their own healing process
  • To minimize recovery time, healing quickly and easily (taking less time away from work and/or other important life activities)
  • To reduce pain or discomfort.

Specifically, Beyond Surgery® helps with pain relief, accelerated healing, stress reduction and immune system support.

Beyond Surgery® can be used before, during and after:

  • Surgery
  • CT or PET scans
  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatments
  • Medical or dental procedures
  • Following an injury
  • During any illness or hospitalization

I am excited to take this specialized training on July 20-22 at Hermitage Farm in Rochester, MN. I will keep you posted about my progress, as well as Twin Cities healthcare settings that utilize this special service.