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Arrival of New Energy!

far_infrared_biomatI was on a webinar on January 15, 2017, and the lightworker who hosted the session talked about the arrival of new energy. Have you heard about this? It’s been an interesting few months of intense energies to say the least! And then there was last night’s full moon – one of the most intense in several years.

As we have an opportunity to process this, we feel strongly that it’s about releasing and allowing women who are being called forward to play a big role these days (probably more than ever before). Lots of very interesting ideas and thoughts are being ushered in by lightworkers around the globe – all with the foundation of love. Just an example: did you see Sally Yates testify? WOW!

The lightworker community is working so hard on the planet’s behalf. Are you one of these lightworkers? You are invited to join in this very important, special time of new energy and love abounding…


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