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FootballWe just finished watching a Super Bowl with an unforgettable ending, regardless who you were cheering for!

With approximately a minute remaining in the game, Seattle’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, was intercepted. And the NBC announcer exclaimed, “That was the worst call in Super Bowl history!” and he said it more than once! Yes, with two downs to go and possibly the best running back in football in a Seattle uniform, why would Coach Pete Carroll choose a pass play instead of running it with Marshawn Lynch in the end zone … to win the big game?

Coach Carroll has been second-guessed, blamed and in the week following the game, has even taken responsibility for “making the wrong decision.” The “Monday morning quarterbacks” were loud and vocal.¬†Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it?!

I keep wondering if Carroll made the choice to pass the ball (instead of running Lynch) because Lynch would have been “keyed upon” especially with only a minute remaining. Was it such a bad call, after all?! Only two weeks earlier in the NFC Championship game, it was Wilson’s passes that beat the Green Bay Packers to get Seattle to the big game. As they say, there’s always next year!!


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