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Ann Leach

Ann Leach

For most of us, the subject of death is not an easy subject to talk about. After the passing of Ann Leach’s mother to lung cancer, she had conversations about death with many people. This inspired her life work. Today, she is the founder and president of Life Preservers: A Global Grief Support Community.

Remembering the insights that Ann learned during her past experiences of caring for her mother, she uses Life Preservers to heal and provide assistance to others going though similar hardships. Ann’s optimism, passion to support caregivers, and her motto of heading “onward and upward” stand as an example of the endless possibilities that can be accomplished when we face our fears and open up to the world around us. Ann comments, “We are each on our own path of learning the lessons we most need to learn at this time through the experiences we’ve chosen to have in our lives.”

For more information about Ann and her work, read her story in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.”