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An Electric Car or Not?!

Electric CarI have some friends in Kansas City who are very environmentally friendly. They are always researching new ideas to leave less and less of a carbon footprint. Purchasing an electric car was part of their eco-friendly choices and they have had fun experimenting with it. They plan to transport it to FL for the winter and are excited because FL is fairly flat and it will be a good “errands” car.

In sharing this story with me, they told me they tried to sell it to a local hospital in Kansas City. The administrator was looking for a car to drive around the parking lots for security purposes and my friends knew their electric car would be the perfect fit. The security guards could drive around all day not using a single gallon of gasoline … just think of the money the hospital could save! Did they decide to purchase it? Nope – because the guys didn’t think it would look “right” to drive a car that wasn’t using gas. Wow … think we’re oil dependent? Makes me want to go buy an electric car!!



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