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Pro BioMat Set with New ControllerWe’ve mentioned the BioMat before on this website and because we love this product, we wanted to share it again!

The BioMat is an FDA-approved medical device and an unusual triad of elements:

  1. Far infrared heat – infrared heat penetrates deeper and more evenly than a heating pad. (Infrared is “core” level heat, heating from the inside.)
  2. Amethyst crystals – amethyst is a detox which helps us to eliminate toxins from the body.
  3. Negative ions – negative ions are similar to water, mountains and waterfalls, and they make us feel good (positive ions make us feel sluggish and lethargic).

It has helped many people with different health challenges – arthritis, fibromyalgia, autism, cancer, back pain, neuropathy, raynaud’s … just to name a few. A perfect gift of wellness for all the special people on your holiday gift list! Click here for more information.


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