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A Rose…

RoseFrom many of the postings here, you already know I love connections. Last Saturday, I attended a lovely 70th birthday party for a friend … and I ended up re-connecting with a woman who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. She shared this beautiful story of connection…

“I have been doing landscaping and gardening, but also discerning and hoping for something new in my work. Creating fairy gardens and giving workshops in how to design indoor or outdoor miniature gardens where God’s tiniest angels reside has turned out to be my ‘something new’ and has brought so much fun and joy into my work! This next chapter became quite clear with the guidance of a dear friend, Sister Roseann Giguere, who died on June 9th. One of the ways Roseann celebrated the sacredness of life, including nature, was through her solstice rituals.

On June 21st (the summer solstice), we had a powerful storm that uprooted a huge birch tree in my front yard. The tree just missed landing in my garden and rested on the edge of my house. I did a letting go ritual and final blessing of the tree before the tree trimmers hauled it away. Although I was sorry to lose that beautiful birch, I now had much more sun in that garden. The tree had literally and metaphorically been blocking my vision. Now, from my window, I could see the Canadian redbud tree at the edge of my yard and its leaves formed a perfect canopy to shelter the fairy garden I had begun to create.

On the day of Rosie’s funeral, I asked for a confirmation sign of my new fairy garden path of work. The table at the entrance to her ritual held a lovely little fairy garden!

Some weeks later, the tree trimmers who had removed the birch tree came back to do more work. One of them showed me a photo of the birch tree because he was amazed by what he saw – an image of a rose!”

Without any doubt Rosie is here in spirit … and what a lovely connection!